Club Crawl


Thanksgiving is all about comfort food, so why not have comfort music too? Roots regulars Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge are putting together a set of familiar favorites, spinning the classics all night on the eve of Turkey Day. Vega and Hedge’s penchant for soothing and uplifting deep house with a New York stamp will ease any anxiety you have about visiting the fam the next day. Thanks to Cielo’s cozy atmosphere, going back to your roots was never so fun. Wed @ 10, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212-645-5700

Across town you can step into the future with a doubleheader from Ghostly International’s Audion (Matthew Dear’s hornier, harder alter ego) and Derek Plaslaiko. For this night of minimal techno, Midwestern-style, they are joined by one of my favorite local DJs, Plexus, the last man standing in the Berlin exodus. The Ghostly crew is getting all fancy, bringing in its own sound to beef up Rothko’s stable of speakers. I’m thankful for that! Wed @ 8, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088

The Robots techno party is starting to become—dare we say it?—an institution. With a string of unbeatable guests (Michael Mayer, Tiefschwartz, Superpitcher, et al.), the promoters and robot DJs Nick Ac and Dennis Rodgers are gonna have to get creative trying to top themselves. Try this: Damien Lazarus, Crosstown Rebel Boss (ex-a&r of City Rockers), and Pier Bucci (doing a live p.a.) headline this week’s lineup. Chilean producer Bucci’s record
is a pretty, melodic romp that signals a return to heady atmospherics and psychedelic effects. (Perhaps everyone is getting tired of all the boom-boom-boom techno?) Tue @ 10, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212-645-5700