Nightcrawlers aren’t only about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. We asked them what they are thankful for on this annual Day of the Turkey. Richie Rich and Traver Rains, designers, Heatherette: Uptown girls coming downtown, glitter, glamour and friendships, the Scissor Sisters, and Heatherette in department stores worldwide (finally!).

Andrew Andrew, art pranksters: (a) Free publicity; (b) ice, the only thing that separates us from savages; (c) Lincoln Center.

Drew Elliott, the Trinity: The Oprah 20th anniversary
box set with all proceeds going to the Angel Network! I watch the show religiously and cry during most episodes. My dearest Trinity members, Aimee and (my sweetheart) Mack.

Aimee Phillips, the Trinity: My parents. I’m totally jazzed to hang out with them on Thanksgiving. Oh, and my Christian Louboutin five-inch high heels. I love them too.

KarenPlusOne: Sarah Lewitinn, a/k/a Ultragrrrl, who taught me how to DJ, how to be emo, and how to high-five.

Ultragrrrl, DJ: My DJ partner, Karen Ruttner (a/k/a KarenPlusOne). Without her I would be missing half my brain, half my DJ gigs, and probably half of my virtue.

Sheal, DJ: Cheer Dark Formula, gel eyeliner, and electronic music.

Gregory Shiff, techno producer: My beautiful fiancée, Deborah, as well as the DJs and musicians that I’ve recently gotten to collaborate with. Oh, and sex. Definitely sex.

Miss Modernage, blogger: Friends, family, and Ryan Adams’s inability to release no less than three albums this calendar year. God bless the man who drinks.

Miss Guy, singer, DJ: All the free booze bartenders all over this great city insist on giving me night after night.

Michael T, DJ, Motherfucker: Having just
enough coke in my purse at any given time to lure, I mean, share
the Connie with “straight” boys in the bathroom—a/k/a my office.

Jessica Coen, Gawker babe: My Adderall prescription, which gives me the energy to get out of bed, the focus to be productive, and the strength to go on—but with none of the DEA-related worries.

Laura Dawn, activist: That Americans are finally seeing the Bush administration for the impeachable criminals that they are.

Shawn Schwartz, owner, Halcyon: This winter I am thankful for rent stabilization, sweaters, drink tickets, term limits.

Jason Baron, co-owner, the Dark Room: I am thankful for tasting that last bit of the L.E.S. before it turns into a fake and plastic L.A.

Murray Hill, showbiz performer: That $3 Rheingold
canned beer made a comeback. This city has become so fancy-pants. A work
ingman’s entertainer like myself needs to knock a few back without breaking the bank.

Tommie Sunshine, DJ: My sobriety. It has changed my whole life for the better and has opened life up to me.

Mike Albo, performer: That I am not addicted to crystal meth. For my insanely generous friends who let me borrow money and bought drinks for me throughout my poor-ass year. I am thankful I never got a dumb tattoo that says “Diva” on the back of my neck, or something.

Gordon Raphael, producer: That I got “sent home” from the new Strokes album, recorded Fobia in Mexico, which went to number one
there, moved to Berlin, produced Skin’s new album, and finally went to the Bridge to Recovery for long overdue treatment for codependency! A brilliant year so far.

Fancy, Fannypack: I’m thankful that love is grand, but Wet Asian Teen Escorts is only like $180. I’d also like to thank Mike Otenberg, and Steve Pasteneck at Liberty Entertainment, my agents Liv and Neil at CAA, Judy and Ron Sexton at Leiberman-Hughes, all the people from ANC, Max, Nadine, and the people at Global, my stylist Jeannie, and everyone at home who’s watching, Lonnie, Danny, my horse Alabama . . . Oh, wait. Wrong thankful speech.