Kerry’s Operation Billboard


Last year John Kerry ran for president on a Democratic platform that read, “People of good will disagree about whether America should have gone to war in Iraq.” Kerry struggled to reconcile his vote to authorize force with his vote against funding the occupation. At his first debate with President Bush last fall (the “he forgot Poland” debate in Miami), Kerry was asked whether Americans in Iraq were dying for a mistake. “No,” Kerry replied, “and they don’t have to, providing we have the leadership that we put—that I’m offering. I believe that we have to win this. The president and I have always agreed on that.” Candidate Kerry, in other words, opposed withdrawal.

Former candidate Kerry (whose presidential fundraising committee now has $15,368,359 in the bank) apparently feels differently. His personal web site is collecting donations to pay for billboards in Republican leaders’ home districts that promote “a plan for a stable Iraq” and “20,000 troops home for the holidays,” and direct people to You can also download a window sign that promotes Kerry’s site—and his Iraq plan. The senator seems to have discovered the simple, clear policy on Iraq that his campaign lacked, a year too late—or three years early.