Remote Patrol


Seoul Train

December 13 at 10 on Channel 13

Mixing hidden-camera footage and passionate interviews, Seoul Train follows the harrowing trail of North Korean families attempting to flee government repression and starvation via an underground railroad through China. But Chinese officials, ignoring international human rights treaties, regularly send refugees back, though the penalty for defection is death.

Celebrity Autobiography

December 15 at 10 on Bravo

Now that celebrity gossip passes for news (top story: Nick and Jessica split up!), a good hearty dose of star mockery goes a long way. This comedy special features an ensemble of comic actors like Cheryl Hines, Kevin Nealon, Doris Roberts, and Laraine Newman reading hilarious memoir excerpts, and is much funnier than it sounds. The group recitation from NSync’s autobiography is inspired, but nothing beats Jay Mohr’s graphic monologue from David Cassidy’s C’Mon, Get Happy . . ., a distressing recollection of his awkward sexual encounter with Partridge sister Susan Dey.


December 18 and 19 at 10 on Logo

Based on the raucous Sarah Waters novel, this juicy U.K. import sets its tale of lesbian love and deceit in the seamy underworld of 19th-century London—expect corsets, cockneys, and quality British performances.