The Rolling Stones Sue NFL Over Super Bowl XL Gig



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Hold the Gotti: Music Industry Woes We’re Forgetting

While we all are enjoying the Irv Gotti money-laundering trial, perhaps we’ve overlooked some of the other trials happening concurrently. Today Riff Raff takes a second to recap some of the other high-profile suits also happening in your world today.

The Rapper the Game battles a parking ticket. When the Game parked his Chevy Impala near a fire hydrant on Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive last month, he didn’t expect a $105 parking ticket–and the authorities didn’t expect him to take it to court. There was no case, of course; the car was illegally parked, and that was that. “That’s the name of the game,” explained the judge, but Game disagrees: “The Game is the name of The Game.”

Rock band the Rolling Stones sue the NFL in order to play Super Bowl XL. Citing the NFL’s discrimination policies against senior citizen performers, the Rolling Stones just won their case in court to play at Super Bowl half-time. Previously league officials feared a Janet Jackson’s Boob redux, and were concerned that the Stones, who are touring in support of their raunchily titled new album A Bigger Bang, might play without their shirts on.

The rapper Tony Yayo sues the guitarist Buckethead for slander. “He’s clearly making a mockery of me,” cries Yayo, who famously sports the bucket hat look he claims Buckethead is parodying. One problem: Buckethead predates Yayo by more than a decade. No matter to Yayo. “Whatever,” he says. “He knew I was coming.”

WWF’s Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase wants the rights to his theme song. The rights to the once-popular theme song, with its catchy “money money money money money!” chorus, currently belong to WWE in-house producer Jim Johnson. This isn’t the first time DeBiase‘s been in the news recently; in March he and his longtime pal Virgil were stuck in a money laundering suit, and in June DiBiase reportedly sued his housekeeper for $10,000 after she laundered his money suit.

Rev Run cries racism in sponsorship suit. After successfully paying homage to Arthur Ashe with a touching commemorative sneaker, Run-DMC’s Rev Run has raised a suit against the outdoor recreational watercraft manufacturer Seadoo, famous for their Wave Runner line of jet skis. Citing race motives, Rev Run claims Seadoo has not made adequate consideration of his proposal for a special issue “Rev Runner,” which according to Run’s specifications, would basically be a boogie board attached to a pair of hammerhead sharks.

Rod Stewart’s new baby sues Rod Stewart. Shortly after birth this past Sunday, Stewart’s baby boy apparently took one look at Stewart, cried, then asked his mother, Penny Lancaster, why she did this to him.