Exclusive: Jerry Garcia Auction Items Revealed



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Exclusive: Jerry Garcia Auction Items Revealed

The Associated Press reports that home appliances once owned by Jerry Garcia, the late lead singer of funkrock band the Grateful Dead, will be auctioned off eBay from December 18 through December 24. Auctioneers hope to raise more than $100,000 for the Sophia Foundation, a non-profit that directs aid to children and families suffering through marital divorces and separations.

The specifics of the items to be auctioned have been kept remarkably close to vest–until now. Early this afternoon Riff Raff gained exclusive details on the Garcia memorabilia available for bidding. Below are the highlights:

Jerry Garcia’s Rasta Hat Dreadlock Wig. While he didn’t put it on often, Garcia did believe that when he wore the hat backwards, he was invisible.

Jerry Garcia’s Can Opener. An electric can opener Garcia bought in the Fall 1972, Garcia originally thought the device was designed exclusively to slice up a/k/a “open” records by the German band Can. Few fans know that the opener was not only the real reason Garcia lost his right middle finger, but also why he secretly hated on krautrock.

Jerry Garcia’s “Inspiration Bag”. A man with over 5 million hours of recorded brilliance clearly must get his inspiration from somewhere–like from a bag of some sort. Now Garcia’s mysterious “inspiration bag” is up for auction–it is reported that Garcia used the bag, which is just a plastic bag he got from a store, to suffocate himself as a form of autoerotic asphyxiation, which most people know as the 1970 album American Beauty.

Jerry Garcia’s Beardtrimmer. Since Garcia secretly hated electricity, the beardtrimmer for auction is actually a set of three young children who Garcia forced to trim his face several times a day. Note, these are the same three children up for auction as “Jerry Garcia’s art machine.”

Jerry Garcia’s 500+ Cassette Private Bootleg Collection. Sure, plenty people bootlegged Dead shows, but few know that from 1942 to 1995, Garcia bootlegged his entire life. Currently the auctioneers are trying to determine whether this collection includes Garcia’s ultra-rare bootlegs, such as his own right middle finger which he bootlegged in a glass jar.

Jerry Garcia’s Walk-In Freezer: Buyers beware: The 100-plus “dead” bodies Garcia kept inside will be auctioned off separately.