Aerosmith Guitarist Makes Sure You Flunk the DualDisc Test


The DualDisc is a quick IQ test for consumers. If you buy one, you flunk. Joe Perry’s is one major hard rock/metal one delivered this year, another being Judas Priest’s—both delivering digital smoke screens for turds difficult to polish. With Perry, you are rewarded with behind-the-scenes looks at the making of something that’s as good as any sideman record ever forgotten, or perhaps a workmanlike facsimile of Billy Idol singing half-assed rock tunes.

The song “Shakin’ My Cage” sounds fair because it’s “Let the Music Do the Talking.” The listener logically knows to stop at once and unpack the old Joe Perry Project LP. “Vigilante Man” is the most ripping track, a Woody Guthrie number difficult to slaughter as long as the slide guitar is front and center, and if Nazareth hadn’t made Razamanaz so one knew what a good album with said song on it might actually sound like, Perry would be safe. But he’s not, and everything else bares his current nature: someone becoming a progressively wetter noodle in leather pants rather than a crusty over-50 rocker with a decaying mouth. If you need the old-style lumber, look up Billy Butcher or Alvin Youngblood Hart.

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