Saddam Hussein: The Miniseries


For the past couple of days, the Drudge Report has displayed two photos, one of Saddam Hussein raising hell at his trial, the other of Mel Gibson making much of his upcoming Holocaust pic, Flory.

Now, we’re not saying anyone could reasonably confuse Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq, with Mel Gibson, Christ’s current go-to director. After all, one spends most of his time locked inside a prison cell, the other locked inside his own ego.

But are we the only ones to see the resemblance?

Mel, you could play Saddam. You could be Saddam. It’s your name, baby—and not just in lights but in those great big letters across the promo posters: “MEL GIBSON’S Saddam: The Miniseries.”

Think it over. It’s not every day a star is born again.

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