Eddytor’s Dozen


The new albums by Latina lovelies Yolanda Pérez and Shakira both sound varied, funny, energetic, consistent, and effervescent enough to warrant inclusion on any self-respecting 2005 Top 10 ballot. But since they’re late-year releases that only incrementally alter the template of said songstresses’ previous releases I voted for (
Aquí Me Tienes in 2004 and Laundry Service
in 2001, respectively), and since my ballot this year is already mighty crowded, I’m reserving them for possible 2006 honors instead, assuming I’m still excited about them a year from now. Green Carnation, Kayo Dot, and Rosetta, in contrast, just sound nice in the background while I’m working, which may be the most you can ask of metal these days. Though how Green Carnation digest U2, Radiohead, and Queensr until they all sound the same is some sort of accomplishment, you gotta admit.

Furia Alacranera: Exitos Alacraneros
(Univision/Aguila ’90–’00s Mexican Duranguense reissue)
Download “Micaela”
Download “Los Calzones” (Windows Media)

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables: Special 25th Anniversary Edition CD + DVD
(Cherry Red/Manifesto ’80s punk rock reissue)
Stream “Kill the Poor”

Stream “I Kill Children” (Windows Media)

War on 45
(Sudden Death Canadian ’80s oi! reissue)
Download “Smash the State”
Download “Liar for Hire” (Windows Media)

Drowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue
(Robotic Empire prog-goth noise-jazz emo-thrash album)
Stream “On Limpid Form”
Stream “Aura on an Asylum Wall” (Real Player)

Esto es Amor
(Univision/Fonovisa post-Latin-freestyle bubble-banda polkatón border-hop pop album)
Stream “Cuando Quieras, Como Quieras” (Flash Player)
Stream “Esto Es Amor” (Windows Media)

The Galilean Satellites
(Translation Loss double-disc ambient space-thrash album)
Download “Europa” (MP3)

Oral Fixation Vol. 2
(Epic pop-rock album)
Stream”How Do You Do” (Windows Media)
Stream”Animal City” (Windows Media)

All the Way to the Sun
(Mayhem heavy rock album)
Stream “A Fix”
Stream “The Letter” (Windows Media Player)

Matilda’s Ear
( glam-metal-punk album)
Download “Washed-up”
Download “Apocalypse Cow” (MP3)

A Dark Nöel: The Very Best of Excelsis
(Projekt Hot-Topic-exclusive goth Christmas/Channukkah/winter-solstice carol compilation)
Stream “Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah (Black Tape for a Blue Girl)”
Stream “We Three Kings (Lycia/The Unquiet Void)” (Windows Media)

Parranda Duranguense 2005 Volumen 3
(Parranda Mexican duranguense compilation)

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