Heavy Metal Hangover Cure: Hair of the Real Dog


Metal has gone to the dogs. In a move that lifts its hind leg and pees on the fine line between clever and stupid, the vocal duties on Caninus’s debut seven-inch
Now the Animals Have a Voice are split between Basil and Budgie, two pit bull mixes whose barks are at least as loud as their bites.

On songs like “No Dogs, No Masters,” “Bite the Hand That Feeds You,” and “Fear of Dog (Religious Myths),” the duo’s howls, woofs, and snarls are backed by the early-Metallica thrash of their bipedal bandmates. The former shelter residents’ wildly dissonant, fiercely arrhythmic delivery and the cathartic canine pride of the lyrics (as transcribed in the liner notes) are a welcome change from white-human-male- dominated metal. Hey, it sure beats those New Age whale music albums.

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