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Cozy Commuting on the Metro North


The Metro North station at Fordham Road is braced for a huge rush—there’s a team of cops there, a line of metal barricades channeling people to and from the busses on Webster Avenue, and a remote van from a local TV station. Rides downtown are a flat $4, and you can pay on the train. “No penalty today,” the cops are shouting, to prevent a crowd from building in the ticket office. A train arrives, and people step on and go nowhere; there’s nowhere to move. A girl walking onto Fordham’s campus tells a story into her cell-phone: the cops had to come onto the train and pull her off because she wanted to exit and “like 100 people” we’re trying to get on. Despite the crowding, there was little sign of frustration or panic. But the strike is more of a shock to some than others. A guy walking into the Kingsbridge Road station, clutching his morning newspaper and coffee, stood stunned when he saw the red tape. “Um, they’re on strike,” goes the coffee seller. “Aw,” the guy cries, looking up, turning back up the stairs, “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!”

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