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Airplane—The “Don’t Call Me Shirley” Edition

Highlighting the 25th anniversary edition of the Zucker brothers’ 1980 disaster-movie spoof, the “long-haul version” presents the full-length film with frequent embedded digressions into deleted scenes, interviews with cast and filmmakers, and other clips. Other supplements include a commentary track by producer Jon Davison and writer-directors Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, and David Zucker.


This 59-minute experimental work is a collaboration between photographer–visual artist Leah Singer and Sonic Youth’s Lee Renaldo. Begun in 1991, the project combines music, texts, and other sounds by Renaldo with images from two simultaneously running 16mm projectors “performed” by Singer. The result is an enveloping “environment” that, as its title suggests, makes for relaxing late-night viewing. Among other things, it qualifies as an avant-garde response to September 11. There are no DVD extras, but the disc is packaged with a 112-page book of full-color images, poetry, a conversation with Renaldo and Singer, and texts by Jonas Mekas and others.


One of Robert Bresson’s early masterworks gets a long-overdue DVD release. Extras include a 1960 TV interview with Bresson, a new video introduction by Paul Schrader, an essay by Gary Indiana, and Babette Mangolte’s 2003 documentary The Models of Pickpocket, which features three of the film’s actors.

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