So Over


If you’re like me, you were too drunk to remember ’05. So we asked New York notables and actual superstars for their most memorable moments of the year. They remember—so we don’t have to.

Kris Chen, Senior Vice President, XL Recordings: Being propositioned by two prostitutes in Las Vegas and politely declining their services by feigning poverty—rather than being rude and saying “sorry that’s gross.”

Tha Pumpsta (of Kill Whitie!): Being called a crypto racist by Chuck Eddy at the Village Voice.

Thomas Onorato, door bitch: Being so uncomfortable referring to Madonna as “Madonna,” only to find out the night of that in person, they all refer to her as “M.” I was raised Catholic so calling her Madonna just made me feel really guilty in that bad way like when your mom caught you masturbating.

Dan Snaith, Caribou: Smoking my first cigarette and swimming alongside two sea turtles as they mated.

Aimee Phillips, The Trinity: Swimming with sharks, stingrays and best friends out in the open ocean in Belize!

Lizzie Yoder: Going to the Moscow Cat Circus and seeing a cat do a paw stand on an old Russian clown’s hand.

Alec DeRuggerio, APT booking agent: The birth of my son Julian! I hate that I’ve turned into that guy who can’t stop talking about his kid, but now I know why it happens.

DJ Seoul: My little girl’s first day of Kindergarten.

Brian Weitz, Animal Collective: the entrance of babies into my life. Not mine, but my best friend had one over the summer, and before the end of the year I have two other dear friends expecting as well.

Hugo Burnham, drummer, Gang of Four: My wife and daughter seeing me play—both were too young the first time around. That—and meeting Frank Black to finally check out who of the two of us is bigger around the middle. (He’s a Diamond Geezer, by the way. A real peach.)

Geo, MisShapes: When Madonna kissed me and wished me happy birthday when she DJ’d MisShapes.

Haunted Pussy: The Hiro Fischerspooner Halloween afterparty, where Drew Barrymore asked us to autograph her chocolate vagina.

Ultragrrrl: Getting kidnapped by the Killers and peeing while Hilary Duff sang me a Smiths song. Not at the same time. Also, losing my virginity.

Miss Guy: Having a three-way with Tommy Hottpants and Kate Moss.

Steve Lewis, club designer: my first date in almost 25 years—and realizing how much things have changed.

Zaldy, fashion designer: Spring 2006 Fashion Week, when for the first time I presented two shows, mine and LAMB.

Nicolas Matar, Cielo owner: Dubtribe Soundsystem’s live performance last winter. It was electric!

DJ Dirty Jean: When Lady Miss Kier performed Halloween weekend. I am all for restoring NY nightlife and this was definitely a step in the right direction.

Greg K, MisShapes: Meeting my boyfriend.

Joseph Quartano: Dancing to Miss Kittin in front of a speaker at the Rex Club in paris with 2000 other people for 6 hours straight while sober! You just can’t have those kinds of experiences in New York anymore.

DJ Sheal: Dancing on top of a table at Sam Valenti IV’s [Ghostly International] birthday bash that I threw. Sober. Since I had that much fun.

Tommie Sunshine: Standing on the foot on the lighthouse in Byron Bay, Australia looking out into the ocean and realizing how tiny we all are and how fucking amazing it feels to be sober and still be able to play records and travel the world and dance until noon.

Karl Hyde, Underworld: Celebrating 25 years working with my partner Rick Smith. Walking out of Abbey Road Studios this summer on a break from recording the score to Anthony Mingella’s new movie Breaking and Entering. The last time we’d walked out of that studio was in 1983 when (as members of the group Freur), I was in the depths of addiction and it was very doubtful we would last another 5 years. Mind you, waking up without the sweats and shakes is pretty cool.

DJ Shakey: My 70-year old mom doing the “air guitar” with her crutch at one of my DJ set.

Alison Goldfrapp, singer Goldfrapp: Seeing 15,000 people with their hands in the air on a gig we played supporting Coldplay in Lisbon, with the audience singing along to “Ooh La La.”

Anthony Roman, Radio 4: Playing Coachella and then watching New Order playing Joy Division songs while the sun set behind them.

Zaldy, fashion designer: Spring 2006 Fashion Week, when for the first time I presented two shows, mine and LAMB.

Disco D: Hearing 50 Cent over my beat for the first time!

Morgan Geist, Metro Area: Accepting my Grammy Award. That was hot.

Juan MacLean: Walking into my douchebag boss’s office, and quitting my job. I told him not only was I quitting, but my two week notice was retroactive two weeks, starting today. By the time he figured it out, I was driving home.

David Rabin, owner Lotus: Seeing the country finally waking up to the evil of the Bush administration. I wish it had done so a year earlier

Laura Dawn, singer, activist: Watching Scooter Libby get indicted.

Miss Modernage, blogger: When my friend took me to a karaoke night at a gay club in Dublin. A week later there was a picture of us in Dublin’s only gay newspaper. I instantly became an international lesbian.

Mylo: We were in Tad’s steakhouse off Times Square and this guy across from us was getting someone (his wife, presumably) to insert a suppository into his arse. I kid you not. We don’t normally do that kind of thing where I come from.

James F%^&king Friedman: It must be my lifestyle—all I can remember is meaningless trivia about electro records and stupid drug stories.

Dominique Keegan, The Glass: Shit, if I told you, you may print it and we could not have that.

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