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Pirro to Run for Attorney General Instead


And now for some non-strike news.

Pick your cliche: Jeanine Pirro finally got the memo, took the dive, tuned in, wised up, whatever. The Republican candidate for Senate against Hillary Clinton finally bowed to pressure from her own party and—how to put this?—pulled the plug on her campaign, such as it was. Here’s her statement:

“Today, after consultation with the leaders of my party, particularly Governor Pataki, Senator Bruno, Chairman Minarik, and leaders of the Conservative and Independent parties, I have decided that my law enforcement background better qualifies me for a race for New York State Attorney General than a race for the United States Senate.

“I have spent my entire career in law enforcement and as my tenure as Westchester District Attorney comes to a close, I have concluded that my head and my heart remain in law enforcement, and that my public service should continue to be in that arena.

“I wish to thank the thousands of New Yorkers who have rallied behind my candidacy, and tell them that I will be calling on them again as I run for Attorney General. In particular, I wish to thank the many, many Republican county chairs who have worked with me and offered their support for a race for Attorney General. The office of New York State Attorney General is one which will allow me to continue my life’s work of fighting to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Pirro will formally announce her candidacy for New York State attorney general in January, her jailbird husband be damned.


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