Jesus Christ! Jews Joke Around and Tell Tales at Joe’s Pub


An old story by Isaac Bashevis Singer has a parakeet named Dreidel eating latkes, playing matchmaker, and helping I.B.S. write his stories. Being Jewish is funny, right? At least when it’s not utter tsuris—and there should be some of each, like little gobs of fruit and horseradish, at Heeb magazine’s storytelling revue. Susie Essman, of Curb Your Enthusiasm, clawed her way to the top of the lineup by calling her TV husband Jeff Garlin a “fat fuck.” (Women at Zabar’s ask Essman to yell it into their cell phones.) Just behind her at the buffet is Stella sweetheart Michael Showalter, who likes English muffins but pastrami even better, and settles for calling Bob Dylan “a fat motherfucker.” Also on Heeb‘s bill are Janice Erlbaum, who prefers “Jew ass” to “Jewess”; Emma Forrest, who wrote a book about “Viva Cohen: a teenage schoolgirl bombshell”; and Adam Lowitt, a Daily Show writer and probably also a Jew. The whole megillah is hosted by another comic, Matt Goldich, who’s working on a beard but doesn’t want to give up hummus, according to his blog.