Diplo is the natural successor to 2 Many DJs—and before that DJ Z-Trip. Like them, he merges unlikely bedfellows that make you wonder why no one thought of that before. You’d be surprised how well the Cure goes with “Bombs Over Baghdad” on his FabricLive mix. He lets the songs stand on their own for longer periods of time than the other pastiche mixers, but the end result is no less exciting. In an age when DJs tend to stay squarely within their sub-subgenres, Diplo charts a path between Detroit techno (Cybotron) and Aphex Twin, allowing you to see just how we got from there to here. The DJ everyone can agree is a genius is a perfect endnote to the Flavorpill Friday series. Fri @ 9, Guggenheim, 1071 Fifth Ave, 212- 423-3500

New Yorkers’ affinity for homegrown artists and their fetishizing of European techno producers leaves the Detroit favorites in the dust. Theo Parrish shares his relaxed jazz-informed house grooves with an intimate crowd that knows leaving the house at midnight on Thursday is worth it if he’s spinning. With Rude Movement resident DJs Karl Injex and Tyler Askew. Tue @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212-414-4245

Pure debauchery is in effect on both Friday and Saturday nights at Scenic. Friday is Spencer Product, Denny Le Nimh, and 24 Court’s Hot Fuckin’ Pink (even the name is too naughty for your ‘rents), with Sophia Lamar and Kim FM hosting. Saturday, an ultra-mixed crowd that you just don’t see very much in New York convenes for Rated X—The Panty Party, with Michael T and Theo spinning downstairs. Fueled by the Hot Body Contest, hot straight girls, ultra-tranny queens, confused jocks, and everyone in between—mingle and get naked. Fri and Sat @ 10, Scenic, 25 Ave B, 212-253-2595