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The holidays are (thankfully) over, but I’m still in a daze thanks to a chance meeting with the lovely Parker Posey while watching Jackiebeat perform at the Cutting Room before Christmas. My collision with the Party Girl actress (maybe an even bigger Beat fan than me) was due to some cosmic seating by Chip Duckett, who squeezed me and Variety Shac comic (and former Voice intern, holla!) Chelsea Peretti together with Parker and her cute gay boyfriends. After Beat gave our stomach muscles a workout (thanks for my new six-pack, Jackie!), we tagged along with Parker to the standing-room-only Bar d’O Reunion at Indochine, featuring Sherry Vine, Raven O, and Joey Arias. At the end of the night, a friend of Parker quipped, “I think we’ve died and gone to gay heaven.”

But OK, here’s an even better (and cuter) celeb story: I heard from a very reliable source that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s adorable pint-sized son with the equally adorable name, James Wilkie, is a supersized fan of Princess Superstar and her song “Bad Babysitter.” All together now: Awwwww!

While I spent New Year’s at MOBY‘s house upstate playing with various small dogs with Andrew Andrew, other people had a more wild time. One DJ ran into his cousin’s 17-year-old daughter at Motherfucker Friday night, where James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy of DFA joined the Juan MacLean in a surprise appearance. An almost unrecognized Keanu Reeves checked out John Cameron Mitchell and Murray Hill‘s after-party at Joe’s Pub. At MisShapes, actress Chloë Sevigny, photographers Ryan McGinley and KT Auleta, fashion designer Ben Cho, MTV’s John Norris, and members of We Are Scientists and Fall Out Boy (fresh from playing
TRL) watched host Sophia Lamar lead the balloon drop at midnight, and danced to Delta 72 singer Gregg Foreman and Miami DJ Nick Perdue‘s DJ sets. In a clubworld shocker, ultimate party girl Ultragrrrl said she was in bed by 2:30 after DJ’ing with her partner KarenPlusOne at MisShapes. But the real party was afterwards at MisShapers Greg K and Geo‘s house in the East Village. “I’d only invited a few people but when I showed up at 6 in the morning, there were 70 people outside my apartment,” says Geo.

Some people were lucky to get out of town. Larry Tee DJ’d in Rio (“They sing about the girl from Ipanema, but you rarely notice anything but the boys!”), and Tommie Sunshine spun in Hong Kong to a roomful of models sipping MDMA juice. (Gimme some of that!)

We know you L.E.S. gutter punks were facedown in your own vomit by midnight at the Dark Room, where Spiky Phil was throwing a party, but the other half were behaving with a little more dignity. Amy Sacco‘s Bungalow 8 must have seemed like an issue of Vanity Fair come alive—with Scarlett Johansson,Josh Hartnett, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Emmy Rossum, Heather Graham, and designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez hanging at the Great Gatsby–themed party co-hosted by Sacco and Christina Applegate (who was also celebrating the end of her run in Sweet Charity). Sacco and Applegate danced in Dolce & Gabbana–designed Roaring Twenties getups, but the party proved too crazy for Kidman and Urban, who left for a more relaxed affair at Sacco’s upscale restaurant Bette.

Some people unexpectedly got more than they bargained for. After spinning at the Boysroom, Miss Guy headed over to Scenic for Rated X, where Theo and Michael T were spinning. The next day, Guy and Tommy Hottpants headed to Montreal but were waylaid by customs agents. “Being hungover and held up by international customs and being told that I had traces of cocaine in my bag was not how I thought I’d spend the first day of 2006,” says Miss Guy. “I guess I should know better than to let Michael T touch up his makeup with my powder puff!” Ya think?

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