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In Like Quinn


City Council speaker-to-be Christine Quinn won’t officially receive her new title until tomorrow’s council session, but she had no trouble trying it on for size today before a throng of TV cameras at a Greenwich Village senior citizens’ center.

“This weekend the six other candidates all dropped out of the race, so if my math is correct I should be elected as speaker tomorrow,” she told some 50 seniors waiting for lunch in the basement of Our Lady of Pompeii Church on Carmine Street.

“My colleagues said they voted for me because I have been an effective councilperson and if I have been it’s because of your support,” she said.

Quinn, accompanied by her father, Lawrence, 79, for the visit, will become the first woman, as well as the first openly gay political figure in the post which became vacant after Gifford Miller was forced to step down because of term limits.

Quinn said she hoped for a relationship with Mayor Bloomberg that will be “professional and based on mutual respect.”

Quinn offered qualified praise for the mayor, saying he had done “a good job on some issues,” such as the restaurant smoking ban, but pointing out that they had “disagreed” on the mayor’s failed bid to create a West Side Stadium. “He clearly has won the approval of the majority of New Yorkers,” she said.


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