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DeLay is Over. Democracy Can Finally Resume.


It’s about time.

Ariel Sharon‘s life is still in danger, doctors say, but American democracy just got healthier: Former bug-sprayer Tom DeLay exterminated himself this afternoon as House Majority Leader.

Fittingly, the Distinguished Christian Statesman ended his reign over Capitol Hill with a lie. As the AP reports:

Embattled Rep. Tom DeLay on Saturday abandoned his bid to remain as House majority leader, clearing the way for leadership elections among Republicans eager to shed the taint of scandal.

In a letter to rank-and-file Republicans, Mr. DeLay said, “I have always acted in an ethical manner.”

At the same time, “I cannot allow our adversaries to divide and distract our attention,” the Texas Republican wrote.

The question is: Will DeLay be the next person to squeal, rat out, and flip to prosecutors? Mike Scanlon did it in November, and now Jack Abramoff has joined him as a casualty of the golf war.

It’s no surprise that DeLay quit. He was about to get the bum’s rush anyway. He’s not only embroiled in his own campaign-finance scandal but he’s also a major figure in the Abramoff/Scanlon Wampumgate scandal.

Flip, Tom. That would be the Xmas gift that keeps on giving. You’re already the first Christian congressman in quite some time who has actually delivered good news. And for once you’d be acting “in an ethical manner.”

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