In the early days of drum’n’bass, the lines between producer and DJ were strictly drawn—there were people you went to see because of their records, and there were people you went to see because of how they played records. Photek and Marcus Intalex, two of the headliners of Jungle Warfare II, were known more for their records. Photek’s records—particularly his output before he learned to DJ—were considered some of the most groundbreaking, cerebral, and experimental of all drum’n’bass. In other words, his music cleared dancefloors. But that changed when the producer made Solaris—his first foray out of the confines of drum’n’bass into dark, atmospheric deep house that was so deep it was subterranean. Since then he’s DJ’d regularly, and accessibility has joined his laser-sharp production. Intalex married the sensibility of groovy deep house and soulful lyrics with breaks so successfully I always thought that he held the key to swaying house heads to the other side. DJ SS is perhaps the fiercest mixer on this lineup, wielding a cross section of dub-influenced jungle with the techno-heavy hard stuff. With DJ Seoul, Mathematics, DJ Force, MC Posi-D, Zezo One, and Juakali. Sat @ 10, Avalon, 47 W 20th St, 212-807-7780

Weird enough to please people at Other Music but not weird enough to make your head hurt, Microcosm Records pushes left-of-center dance music. Quirky minimalist duo Socks & Sandals perform live as part of their record-release party with Philly’s Someone Else, who favors robotics and minimalism. Also headlining are Ezekiel Honig and Morgan Packard. Their Early Morning Migration is one of my favorite records of last year—it’s like the state of consciousness just before you wake up in the morning with a sliver of sun hitting your face. Fri @ 10, Subtonic, 107 Norfolk, 212-358-7501