Believe it or not, parties still exist in New York where people go to dance, not pose. I know it’s hard to believe that there are entire crowds of people who go to a club wearing sneakers and not Jimmy Choos, but these near-extinct beings can be found at Danny Krivit’s monthly party 718 Sessions. They come to the tea party early and stay till the end (midnight), getting home in time to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Monday. Krivit spins dance music that reminds people that the genre can have songs and isn’t just a series of interchangeable blippy beats—favoring female vocalists; organic, jazzy sounds; something people like to call soul. His latest mix, In the House, features tracks from the Brand New Heavies, Galaxy 2 Galaxy, and David Morales, and you can expect a similar sound at the sessions. Sun @ 6, Deep, 16 W 22nd, 212-978-8869

OK, so three weeks ago the Annex was supposed to open (a revamped Bar Eleven, run by the Dark Room crew), but it was not to be. But this week, they are saying it’s for reals, with JDH’s popular jam Fixed! moving house from the Tribeca Grand to a proper club. Simian Mobile Disco (Jameses Ford and Shaw) are the headliners for the grand unveiling, joining JDH and Philly’s Dave P (the residents) and the Bangers (the kids behind the fun HushHush weekly at Happy Ending). There’s a little something for everyone—dance rock, the techno stuff, the indie stuff. You can’t go to this and not be pleased unless you like gabber or, like, Digital Hardcore. (However, we think the Dark Room regulars who wander over to the Annex might pass out in shock from all this, um,
dance music.) Fri @ 10, the Annex, 152 Orchard,