Burning Bush


One word, my friends: Oh sorry, two words. Right? Or no, three, because what about org? Or the dot part? OK, four words—four—and anyway you get the point. Before the first bomb dropped in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Rep. John Conyers was already looking to impeach George W. Bush for leading us into an undeclared war of aggression, and three years later we have no-show WMDs, the yellowcake forgery, Abu Ghraib, the Plame Affair, unauthorized wiretapping, and (why not?) Hurricane Katrina to add to the charges. For further convincing, I could point you to a megabyte or two of soundly reasoned posts at, Talking Points Memo, and other fine bastions of high-toned Bush bashing. But face it: When even the John Birch Society thinks George W. has brought us closer to the brink of tyranny than anyone since George III, it’s not convincing you need. It’s organizing.

Alas, I can no more assure you are the people for the job than I can promise the job will be done. The site certainly has the opening moves right: Add your name and mailing address to a pro-impeachment database; click to help pay for more full-page ads in The New York Times. Less promisingly, the brains behind the operation seems to be the politically charmless Ramsey “I Brake for Deposed Dictators” Clark, while the impressive progressive lineup that’s been working this same angle of attack for months over at After Downing Street ( is nowhere in evidence. But at this stage of the impeachment groundswell, smarts don’t matter quite the way they used to. It’s the wisdom of crowds we’re counting on now, and a crowd will converge faster on‘s inelegant little URL than on any 10 blogs’ worth of well-honed argument.

So I’ll say it again, and not for the last time:








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