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Brand New: 50 Cent Disses Game



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Blast From the Past: Game Still Hates G-Unit

Good of Hardly Art Fennessey for keeping this 50 Cent/G-Unit vs. Game beef on the map–he had retired his number one spot to start Clockwork, so we delight in his hardly permanent return to first form.

Cam vs. Jay is still the hot topic (kids must have read Xgau’s essay), so this pair of new(ish) disses might stay only on Sirius and of particular interest to bloggers with deadlines and nothing to write about. Nevertheless here are two examples of how dis tracks can be suicide.

Over Yayo‘s “I Know You Don’t Love Me,” Game rolls out 240 bars on Spider Loc (“Spider Loc is a joke“), G-Unit’s West Coast fill-in after Game got kicked out (though Game insists, “You say you kicked me out the group, nigga, I left”). It’s part in response to “G-Unot Killer,” which was on that Tony Hawk mixtape from forever ago, the one with Hawk explaining how when he walks to Sirius Radio he wears a bulletproof vest–dude it’s in midtown! Relax! Loc also had some air time on the “300 Bullets” (or whatever) response to “300 Bars,” an alley-oop for Game who reduces Loc’s performance to “50 gave him a 100 bars / all he did was smile.”

There are some funny enough lines here (“you the reason niggas press mute when they play Madden”) and some fun with time dates (“I rather be at home listening to the Cam’Ron dis” could mean either Cam’s dis on Jay or Jay’s future dis on Cam, which is pretty heady shit). But other than that Game comes off a bit of a herb here, the bully no longer feared, eventually committing to the most boring of rap game rug pulls: “Your life is a movie you ain’t a factor you an actor / 50 gave you a script.” Extending the Wrestlemania metaphor, nobody likes watching Hulk Hogan beat the shit out of Junkyard Dog or Skinner; the Texas Tornado isn’t really a tornado.

Who are we kidding though. Game’s entire post-Documentary career has been predicated on G-Unit’s goings-on, down to the off-the-cuff disses he makes on tracks that aren’t explicitly dis, to the fact that Kanye had to cut his verse off “Crack Music” because he’s completely lost without G-Unit as a negative compass. Dis is his livelihood–Rap Watchdog but not even that since he’s so one-track.

Loc’s crack on Game–“I talk bad about you and you like my lines”–only hinted at what 50’s done here on “Not Rich Still Lying,” simultaneously taking pleasure in the duel but saying he’s above it all too. For one he didn’t jack a Game beat–and this doowop stutter is actually pretty great too–so 50 doesn’t posit himself in relationship to Game, no subservience. Better than responding though, 50 just imitates Game for the whole thing, delivers the verses in Game’s nanny nanny character while occasionally dropping out to pepper the track with interlocutions (“I even fucked Mya / [50: I fucked her first, Game] / 50, you lyin’!”). The effect is he’s letting Game drown in his stupid boasts (“I’m Hurricane Game!”) and playground roasts (“I hope the police get you and you go to jail”), when in actuality 50’s speeding the process along.

And better than Game just playing the authenticity card, 50 reduces it even further to he-said she-said, dangerous for Game since words can’t just be words here. He’s deflating Game’s hardness to just a matter of personal assertion–you only are what you say you are, and if someone says you aren’t something, then you just aren’t until you say you are. 50 lets on to this attack in his self-introduction–“It’s sorta autobiographical,” a nice enough 50-plays-Game curtsy so Oprah doesn’t get too angry with him–but then lays it on thick when he talks about Game crawling out his 2001 coma: “Your brother says you never were in a coma!”

Status had said here how the relationship is pretty symbiotic between the two, that 50 will always do stupid stuff and Game will always call him on it.” But it’s parasitic, really, and the fact that 50’s even removed himself from the situation of the dis, we just watch Game shrivel up. For Game this is how he eats, these tracks; for 50, “This is too much fun, man.”

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