New York

Rag & Bone: More Than Gothic Fantasies and Whip Chambers



Rag & Bone’s morbid moniker evokes gothic fantasies and whip chambers, but it’s more just a hard-sounding name for an austere denim and sportswear line. (Designers Marcus Wainwright and Nathan Bogle named the line after the rag & bone men of England, individual recyclers who would cart away used furniture and scrap metal in the neighborhood, and announce their presence by yelling “rag & bone!” through the streets.) Wainwright and Bogle focus on “luxury basics”—consider this a loose translation for “jeans that don’t suck.” If we all only had the couple hundred bucks Rag & Bone jeans most likely sell for, our search for the ever-elusive perfect jean might be over: This was the dream black denim rinse, in cigarette or stovepipe cut, with half a zipper up each side of the leg as decoration. In Rag & Bones world, you wear these with waxed black cotton coats and wool hunting jackets, over a simple, prim and proper dress blouse.

Goody bag: Some witch stole my goody bag, so no luck (I was only thrown into seating at the Chelsea studio at the very last minute, marked with standing-room status at the start.) Because I am a shameless freebie whore, briefly considered a Hungry Hungry Hippo dive for one of the trampled bags left behind, straight up last-drumstick-in-the-KFC-bucket style.

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