New York

Anait Bian: Structured, Simple, and ‘Extremely Feminine’


Even though some biotch stole my front-row seat and I was forced, in turn, to steal some other biotch’s second-row seat, this show was refreshing. Instead of a slick, glossy, PR-ified press release full of made-up concepts, Anait Bian’s material was printed on plain white paper. It began with a list of things the designer loves, including “soft feminine silhouettes combined with tailoring and architectural structure.” Huh? Sincere and informative—can this be fashion?

Perhaps Bian is too smart to fall for all the silliness in her field. The Armenian and French designer holds degrees in biology and art history. Her collection was, as promised, very structured, simple, and extremely feminine. She sent out several outfits that were so plain and perfect, they could have been boring except for one whimsical detail, like appliqué flowers on one lapel of a coat, or a panel of pristine, pointless pleats in an otherwise serious blouse.

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