New York

Rachel Comey: She Who Bowie Made Famous


A few years ago, I spent a day scouting models on the street for a Rachel Comey runway show. I was tagging along with a friend of a friend, who was charged with the task of finding non-white people with interesting faces and the necessary height for showing off clothes.

Later, when we saw the teenager we had picked out of a group of skateboarders in the playground on Houston, and the extraordinarily tall girl (a high school basketball player) we’d accosted on Broadway, strolling down a makeshift runway in a parking lot on Lafayette, I felt as proud as a mom at the school play.

These days, Comey’s shows aren’t relegated to outdoor lots, but the young designer, who first gained fame when David Bowie wore one of her shirts on Letterman, still draws a hip crowd. She started as a menswear designer (the basketball player I found modeled men’s clothing for the show, which pleased her—she hated skirts), but the women’s clothing in yesterday’s show was stunning. Many of the best looks were those made for girls, but inspired by menswear, like a masculine jacket paired with a printed skirt and lace leggings. For the record, it went both ways: The boys wore leggings, too.

Gift Bag: Shiny black shopping bag—Sample bottle of Finlandia Mixed Berries Fusion vodka, Sebastian brand hair products for that cool, unkempt look: “tossled hair mousse,” “detailing balm”, hair “paste,” and makeup for lazy girls: a tube of color for eyes, lips, or cheeks.

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