New York

Tracy Reese: Attended by a Nervous Mommy Hamster


Naima, from Top Model fame
(photo: Corina Zappia)

At the Tracy Reese show, one of the inspirations was actress Katherine Hepburn in the 1940s, with model after model trotting out in the same high-waisted, full-legged trousers favored by the iconic movie star. Reese paired them with everything from a billowy cream blouse to oversized drapey sweaters that fell to mid-thigh. With the possible exception of the massive sweater/loose-fitting pants combo (difficult for anyone under 5’8″ to pull off) and the debutante cocktail dresses, it was refreshing to see clothing that wasn’t made purely with a 20-year-old, clubgoing socialite in mind. The slim pencil skirts and flowing cape-like overcoat were perfectly suitable for working women in their thirties and forties.

Goodie bag: Princess Marcella Borghese eye compressor pads, lavender Hue tights, Fructis hair gel, flowery pen, burgundy nail polish, and pamphlets on how to start a quit-smoking club. Huh?

Celebrities spotted: Naima from Top Model, in a sequined gold gown (clearly there on the job), Siberian model Irina with her baby, and the Full Frontal Fashion team, in the front row. You know what, I’m just going to say it. Full Frontal host Judy Licht terrifies the hell out of me. She reminds me of a nervous mommy hamster.

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