BCBG Max Azria: Sitting Next to Lord & Taylor’s CEO


At the larger shows in Bryant Park, the runway often circles a row of seats set up in the center of the room. This allows for more VIP seating, but it also means that front-row attendees sit literally on the stage. It’s excellent if you are a top buyer or cherish breathing next to Mya. It’s horrific if you decided that on this particular day that dressing up for shows is lame and your yellow Converse high tops with fat purple laces will be just fine. Apparently, no one in the front row wears sneakers to these things except for Laguna Beach‘s Jason, and Jason has special Ryan Cabrera hair. Sport Ryan Cabrera head, and you too can have carte blanche.

“No one cares what you wear,” a Lord & Taylor exec cooed, as my eyes moved from my yellow feet to her 8 trillion karat diamond rings. I decided this mama bird will be my new best friend. Her colleague also looked familiar, so I exclaimed “Hey, I think I know you!” Perhaps you’ve seen her photo, interjected my new L&T best friend, mercifully murmuring under her breath:
“That’s the CEO of Lord & Taylor.”


So the clothes: According to the show description, “Much like the singers and poets of the beatnik generation, she [the muse of this season’s show] makes a point of personal expression, unaggressively proclaiming her identity.” I though the point of beatniks was to proclaim their identity, but no matter—this wasn’t grizzly Ginsberg beatnik, but the cartoonish farce of Funny Face. Many, many turtlenecks would be involved. As would black knee-highs, square-frame glasses, ballet slippers, and head scarves, paired with baggy bloomers and voluminous pleated shorts (cute, but I’d seen them around at Urban Outfitters and Nolita boutique Min-K), intricately pleated “origami” dresses, and thick-knit bustiers—fantastically worn over the turtlenecks. It’s exactly like the description says: “Cool chic emerges like a preliminary draft that brings out the essence of things. The sketch becomes the end in itself.”. Huh?

Goodie bag: Invite to the after party at Bed.

Celebs spotted: Mya, Janice Dickinson.