New York

Marc Jacobs: More Than Handbags


Depending on who you talk to, this show was either a full two hours late—it was originally called for eight; by the time the first model emerged it was nearly 10—or within the normal fashion-tardy range, since most people had heard through the grapevine that the shoes hadn’t arrived from Italy and the show was going to be delayed at least an hour and a half. (What’s wrong with Payless in a pinch?) The clothes, when they finally made their appearance, were comfortingly floppy, leaving members of the audience larger than size eight to gasp and wonder: Would Marc Jacobs finally fit them? (In any case, who can’t fit into a mushroom-colored poncho?) Plenty of things had folds and wraps and flaps and buttons, and practically every model carried a different handbag: a nod, so subtle, as to how this house really makes its money.

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