Remote Patrol


2006 Torino Winter Olympics

Various times through February 26 on NBC, USA, CNBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo

You say you like to watch the winter games, but just how much Olympics can you take? This year, NBC has promised a total of 416 hours of coverage on its many networks. Katie Couric and Matt Lauer video-blogging from Torino! MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson with post-event chatter! If that’s not enough entertainment synergy, will run original video clips featuring homegrown stars like Project Runway‘s inimitable Tim Gunn (discoursing on Olympic fashion, naturally) and Queer Eye
epicure Ted Allen on Italian food.

Project Jay

February 22 at 10 on Bravo

Project Runway has been a letdown this season, both in terms of the talent (minor) and the drama (again, minor). Makes me nostalgic for the inspired clothes and bitchery of first-season winner Jay McCarroll, back here for a one-hour tour of his uncompromising, post-Runway life.

Mrs. Harris

February 25 at 10 on HBO

Annette Bening is stunning in this smart biopic about Jean Harris, the headmistress who notoriously murdered her lover, Scarsdale Diet doctor Hy Tarnower (brought to charming but creepy life here by Ben Kingsley). The film cuts through the femme fatale angle, focusing instead on Harris’s vulnerability and insecurity, easily exploited by the cocky Tarnower.

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