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Tony Yayo Poll: Did He ‘Touch It’?



Status Ain’t Hood gazes at a photo of Yayo, his favorite rapper

Riff Raff Poll Series #2

Been eating at me for days now. What if Yayo did have something to do with that Busta Rhymes bodyguard murder?

It’s one thing to applaud a man for wearing a bucket hat that fits both sandwiches and spiders; it’s another thing to applaud that man when you know the spiders in his hat are deadly, and the sandwich is actually just a weird looking spider.

So my question is two-part:

A. If he’s found to have a hand in the shooting, should Tony Yayo be allowed to continue wearing his bucket hat?

B. What rapper is most deserving of taking up Yayo’s bucket hat-wearing, spider-taunting responsibilities?

I look forward to resolving this issue–together, a/k/a Yayo style.

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