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Your Turn: MTA Leaving You Stranded?


Today, uptown 1 trains skipped the 225th, 231st, and 238th street stops in the Bronx from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Early morning Friday, Brooklyn-bound 4 trains will run express from Atlantic to Utica avenues. All this week, the D train runs on a shuttle between Bedford Park and 205th Street between the rushes.

The New York City subway system carries 1.4 billion riders a year, so we ought not begrudge it a rest now and then. And everyone knows emergencies—like the one today that messed up R train service—happen. But as the Voice reports this week, folks in Williamsburg and other parts of northern Brooklyn feel maligned by the repeated shutdowns of the L train. And residents and transit workers both suspect the MTA’s motives for the work.

So, tell us: What’s your transit gripe? Is the MTA slowing you down?


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