Two Tickets to Paradigm: Dr. Funkenstein’s Hop on Pop


George Clinton gets written off as a has-been and crackhead, so of course he had to roar back with a double CD that ranks among the best albums of his career. Some tracks rock as hard as “Alice in My Fantasies,” some are bubblegum funk with truly weird lyrics. There’s a nine-minute medley of ’50s songs (with Bobby Womack!) where George rasps, “Let’s go to the motherfuckin’ hop.” There’s a song where they scream, “They’ve got you by the malls!” and another (with Prince!) where George asks, “Hey, buddy, can you paradigm?”

There’s freakfolk and beatlebounce and the heretofore unknown genre reggaetonk, and three awesome new slow dances—always important, because without them the human race will die out. But maybe we deserve our extinction, because almost everyone has ignored this album. Some critics have ADHD, but I can’t think of a song I’d cut. And damn it, if anyone has earned a 150-minute comeback album, it’s George Motherfucking Clinton.

George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars play B.B. King Blues Club & Grill February 28.