Written, edited, and directed by Brooklyn-based film critic Matt Zoller Seitz, Home is a meandering 91-minute video of a low-key summer house party, shot entirely at Seitz’s Brooklyn brownstone. The chatty revelers include a film editor, a pedantic movie geek, a novelist, a frustrated playwright, plus a blur of roommates, co-workers, exes, and eccentric walk-ons. It’s all terribly self-referential. Seitz evinces a good ear for standard party chitchat and a good eye for inevitable social dynamics (awkward introductions, boozy hookups). Home‘s improvisatory aura proves more believable than The Anniversary Party‘s annoying contrivances, but it does little to hide the obvious fact that watching a rather dull party can be, well, rather dull. Seitz should know to follow his own advice, a gem imparted on his playwright protagonist: “Just make sure the main character is not a writer. That would be a cliché.”

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