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T-Pain: A Riff Raff Interview



T-Pain: The Riff Raff Interview

After “I’m Sprung” got him on the Billboard Pop 100 charts, Florida “hard & b” artist T-Pain is back again with a new hit, “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)”. With the help of Mike Jones,T-Pain weighs the pros and cons of this love. Pain also reports he’s produced Trick Daddy’s first single from his next album, that Charlie Wilson/Snoop track, and recently wrote and produced a few tracks for Britney Spears–today, he catches up with Riff Raff.

I’ve been in love with strippers for a while. When did you catch the bug?

Wait where are you?

I’m in Miami!

I remember loving strippers there. What are some of your favorite strippers there.

I like Diamonds down here in Miami. Disheveled Fox, Magic in Jacksonville, Florida–man, I’m pretty much stripped out.

In your free time I bet you come up with some pretty great parody stripper names.

The most popular stripper name is Destiny. I definitely remember that one.

She’s never a great stripper though, is she.

No, never. It’s always the one that has the great name that’s the suckiest stripper.

The name of your album is Rapper Ternt Sanga. Have you thought about naming the follow-up Rapper Ternt Sanga Ternt Stripper?

I haven’t really thought about that one.

Right, but the thing with “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper),” is that it’s not just funny, it’s serious too. Think about all the strippers out there, and then think about all the men who fall in love with them. And then think about us.

And there it is.

It’s very personal. Mike Jones is on “Stripper” too; did this make you sad?

He’s one of my best friends. I was definitely happy about that. And no matter how much you guys are friends, it’s hard to get other artists on a song.

On the track, you guys come up with a few reasons why it’s good, encouraged even, to love strippers. Tell me about that conversation, the brainstorm session. Where were you?

He was in Houston. We were just talking about a song that’s coming up on my album that he can get on. It was brainstorming what kind of song we should do together, and we both like strip clubs, so that was the concept.

Hey so we were talking about strippers. You’re in love with a stripper in the song, but there are probably some things that bother you about them too.

Strippers are–they show off a lot, like, I want everybody to know I’m a stripper, I’m gonna try to seem happy in front of everybody. But then they go home and cry and don’t know why… blah blah blah. That’s the thing I hate about strippers.

And beyond that, it seems like strippers are always taking their clothes off. My question is, you’re in the club, you’re with some strippers–do they start taking their clothes off?

It’s the things that they wear, period. They don’t have to take clothes off, because they don’t have much on to begin with. That’s the problem with me.

So your problem is there’s not enough stripping.

Like, I know you’re a stripper. But I don’t want people to see it when I’m with you.

If you were a stripper, would you keep T-Pain as your stripper name?

Probably, since it’s already out there.

Do you think the “Pain” of T-Pain would scare people off? How about T-Bone?

You have that line on “Studio Luv”: Stroke your body like I do my keyboard.” As you may or may not know, I was wondering whether you’ve ever used that as a pickup line.

No, I haven’t used that one before.

How about “I’d like to kiss your mouthpiece like I do my clarinet?”

Ha! Definitely not.

“I’d like to hit you with sticks like I do my drum kit?”

You can use that one if you want.

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