If you usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day trying to not get pinched because you’re not wearing green, a better option might be to get drunk and watch a celebrity DJ that might actually be entertaining, such as Pogues’ frontman Shane MacGowan, at a party thrown by a couple of Irish mates, including BP Fallon. The night, Death Disco, combines DJ sets with the live up-and-coming bands—like this week’s guests, Live Girls!, the Assault, and Kickstart. Fri @ 8:30, Southpaw, 125 Fifth Ave, Bklyn, 718-230-0236

Berliner Ellen Allien’s music is the opposite of minimalism, which has been the favored sound of choice for the techno elite. Her new record with Apparat, Orchestra of Bubbles, is another exercise in maximizing sound—stretching synths till they bleed and pushing distortion till the beats bobble over. It’s catchy, complex, and tuneful. Listen carefully, you might actually be able to hum it. Fellow German producer Sleeparchive sits comfortably on the other end of the spectrum, indulging himself in minimalism and playing with repetition for repetition’s sake. The result is hypnotic and reminiscent of the type of music you might have heard peak hour at a rave, circa 1993. Other Phono friends spin, including Cowboy Mark, Nick AC, and Function. Sat @ 10, Avalon, 662 Sixth Ave, 212-807-7780

Lisa Hsu (the promoter behind the Phono series) is doing double duty this week: In addition to the Allien party, she’s hosting Vitalic, who sounds like Daft Punk with balls (not surprising, then, that he’s French). Vitalic’s hard, crunchy, hooky tunes would have made me believe—if I still had hope we dance fiends could take over the world—he could convert a few rock ‘n’ roll heads. Plus, the video for “My Friend Dario,” from OK Cowboy, is a series of slo-mo shots of pretty dogs. With Kim Ann Foxman, Cowboy Mark, and Function. Thu @ 10, Avalon, 662 Sixth Ave, 212-807-7780