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A League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Once a legitimate ratings contender, professional bowling now ranks somewhere between the National Hockey League and competitive basket weaving in the American spectator-sport consciousness. Christopher Browne’s lively documentary goes behind the scenes of the Professional Bowlers Association’s comeback bid. Players and pundits speculate on the reasons for the sport’s lowly cultural status, and two of the PBA’s outsized personalities, designated bad boy Pete Weber and flamboyant new CEO Steve Miller, provide plenty of entertainment. Supplements include deleted scenes, event clips, and even a few bowling tips.


The latest from Ju-On director Takashi Shimizu stars countryman filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto as a cameraman who becomes obsessed with footage of a grisly subway suicide.

The 10th District Court
(Koch Lorber)

Raymond Depardon’s documentary about the goings-on in the titular Paris courtroom played at the 2004 New York Film Festival but never received an American theatrical release. Extras include deleted scenes and a discussion by the director.

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