‘Shadow: Dead Riot’


A horror movie set in an experimental women’s rehabilitation facility has so much inherent promise that it’s hard to watch as the makers of Shadow: Dead Riot squander their sublime setup. Twenty years after a deranged killer (Candyman Tony Todd) is put to death in prison, our heroine Solitaire enters the same complex, now home to the aforementioned sapphic paradise. The execution, it seems, ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and the dead maniac now haunts the prison in a parallel universe. Or maybe he’s underground. Anyway, he’s somewhere. The conceptual underpinnings are sketchy to say the least, and with its quantity-over-quality approach to violence and nudity, S:DR wears out its welcome faster than you can say “group shower.” By the time a zombie baby bites off its mother’s areolae, we’ve become so inoculated to blood and boobs it elicits little more than a bemused grunt.