New York

SXSW 2006: The Pre-Game Picture



It was only Registration Day but already the air in the Austin Convention Center, the nerve center of SXSW operations, was fat with a mixture of desperation, fatigue, and hyperactivity. In just under half an hour, security cameras picked up a sequence of unfortunates trying to get themselves and/or their liked ones credentialed, jet lagged Scandinavians debating the pros and cons of The Power Soak (or so these non-Scandinavian ears imagined,) and boner-clad rock critics juicing up over this year’s goodies bag. This is where I came in.

Below, please find a pic of said goodies bag surrounded by items that were NOT found inside. Also, you can see the result of SXSW’s Taylorist organizational principles in a hangar lined with bags waiting to be snatched away into lives with no time for them.


More on me and the fest later today.

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