Cat Trap


I relate to We Are Scientists, because they hold cats on their CD booklet and I have cats, and who’s to say their cats are prettier? Also they named their CD With Love and Squalor for a Salinger story which proves they are trapstarz like me. Plus, they call themselves scientists, which is a non sequitur, which I am really into right now.

Claude Monet was a really good painter, though I would’ve done some things differently; whatever. Similar to Monet’s haystacks, WAS songs paint the same moment in 12 different lights. Conceptual! Specifically the moment is when you’re at a trapstar party and you’re drunk and you have to decide whether you should leave or hit on a girl or talk about serious things in life. This long moment could encompass the whole of life, but as depicted on this CD it doesn’t, unless the whole of life is spent talking about how drunk you are and sounding like Franz Ferdinand.

The WAS (not Don Was) have anthems and emotion too, and if they weren’t playing staccato rhythms with guitars and a well-miked drummer and their subject matter wasn’t what it is, their songs could’ve come from Mom’s Barry Manilow album. That is, “beautiful” in the way a State Farm jingle can be beautiful—and sort of like that one where Barry sings, “This one will never sell,” but then it did.