Rockie Weekly Horoscope March 24-30


General Forecast

The steadying influence of the sun’s favorable trine to pragmatic Saturn Friday could keep you from going overboard while Venus tests how deeply into debt exuberant Jupiter can take you. Saturday is also when retrograde Mercury turns direct, early enough in the morning to begin the shopping spree you’ve been waiting three weeks for. However, for those who stay in bed, heavenly dreams thanks to the Mars-Neptune trine, also inspiration for visual artists, musicians and religious fanatics. More spirituality, sentimentality and exquisite expressions of love that night as Venus and Neptune hook up in Aquarius. Sunday offers more of the same, maybe better. That evening Venus (the gals) and Mars (the guys) perfect their “good for all concerned” trine. The Aries new moon/total solar eclipse and Pluto’s flip into retrograde early Wednesday may leave us wondering, “What now?”

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Aries: Mar. 20 – Apr. 19

This weekend getting caught in the middle needn’t be a bad thing. Feel free to share in the exalted vibe (a Venus-Neptune conjunction) being beamed from humanitarian Aquarius to your crusading Mars ruler while it cruises through curious Gemini. Artists, especially, will benefit from the exchange of affection and aesthetic appreciation. However, the Aries new moon on the 29th might not be as promising as usual; blame the total solar eclipse if you sense that something from your past is holding your enthusiasm in check.

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Taurus: Apr. 20 – May 20

You could be doubly blessed this weekend. However, you might not think so if “bigger is better” Jupiter in your partnership house pushes you beyond your comfort zone when it tests your Venus ruler. Meanwhile single-minded Mars in your area of assets intends to reward the renown you’ve achieved, particularly for your most recent artistic accomplishment. Whether all this attention will lead to true romance is something only you and your publicist can decide. Just know that while Venus and Neptune are conjunct, you’re at your most photogenic.

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Gemini: May 21 – Jun. 20

Don’t let it go to your head, but this weekend, as Venus and Neptune favor Mars in your sign, you could become the object of more than one person’s affection, not to mention admiration. Is there a Taurus, a Libra, (both signs are ruled by Venus), a Neptune-ruled Pisces or an independent Aquarius (both planets are in that compatible air sign) who are paying you more attention and acting sweeter than they usually do? Warning: because your Mercury ruler changes direction on Saturday, there’s a slim chance that, in the confusion, you might misread the signals.

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Cancer: Jun. 21 – Jul. 22

Mercury in Pisces, a supportive water sign, turning direct this weekend could present a reason to reconsider your take on all that has happened since the Messenger flipped on March 2. Actually, go back to mid-February to see where this particular train of thought began. And give yourself until April 13 to see where it ends. That’s when Mercury finally leaves the shadow period that precedes and follows the retrogression. Why should you care about the effect this Mercury retrograde is having on you? Because it’s next retrograde period occurs in Cancer.

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Leo: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22

If July-born Lions feel less exuberant than usual, attribute it to bearing the burden of having strict Saturn in the early degrees of your sign. But after a long winter of plodding through a pile of work, Saturn finally catches a break when it makes a rewarding trine to the Aries sun this weekend. Lackadaisical Leos who would certainly benefit from having more discipline in their lives should grab hold of the support this positive aspect offers. While folks are focused on your partner, slip away and take care of your own needs.

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Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22

A bit more assertiveness regarding your career could get you that plum assignment, especially if your gig involves art and beauty. While decorative Venus and imaginative Neptune meet in your Aquarius house of work and service, the results can be stunning. Although their alliance occurs every year around this time, it’s not every year that pushy Mars passes through your Gemini midheaven. This boost of energy and ambition can make a significant difference. Don’t expect the same from the Aries new moon/solar eclipse on the 29th; instead watch out for some sort of loss, e.g. a colleague’s support.

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Libra: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

With so much attention being lavished on your Venus ruler this weekend, you’re apt to be overwhelmed by the many opportunities to express yourself. Whether you’re taking pictures or (artistically) taking off your clothes, makes little difference. However, at the same time, you shouldn’t ignore the chance to earn the respect of a somewhat recalcitrant employer. Thanks to a favorable trine between Saturn, the executive, in your midheaven and the audacious Aries sun, you could receive the recognition you deserve.

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Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Acquiring more beautiful, high-tech items can turn into an obsession while Venus and Neptune, the planets of “gorgeous,” are joined in state-of-the-art Aquarius. Since your Mars co-ruler in your Gemini house of shared values is currently (but not for much longer) in favor of domestic improvements that can foster domestic bliss, it’ll be hard not to follow your heart’s desires. If you wait until the 29th when your Pluto co-ruler turns retrograde in your Sagittarius house of the money you earn, it might be too late.

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Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Not all Sagittarians, mainly those of us born in mid-December, will notice a difference in approach to personal problems after Pluto turns retrograde on March 29th. Because that is also the day of the Aries new moon/total solar eclipse, there’s a chance we’ll be distracted by the drama, and that the secret Pluto is hiding, the one we’ve been trying to discover, will be buried for the retrograde duration. Not until Labor Day does Pluto face forward and begin the process of regeneration and rejuvenation all over again.

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Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 20

Mercury turning direct might bring news that money is on its way. But if it doesn’t show up until April 13 (a tax refund?), you can justify the delay be reminding yourself that until that date, Mercury won’t come out of the shadow it cast during this retrograde period. If, once upon a time, the problems associated with Mercury retrograde lasted a mere three weeks, it now encompasses an eight-week window of opportunity to mess with our messages and our minds. Still, that’s nothing compared with the 19-year cycle that begins with the Aries solar eclipse on the 29th.

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Aquarius: Jan. 21 – Feb. 18

For the Water-Bearers who are not being inundated with offers from amorous, athletic Mars to fool around or, at least, to get into the game, there are alternatives. This weekend the Aries sun in your money zone forms a rewarding trine aspect to Saturn, your old-school ruling planet, in your Leo house of allies. Act responsibly and something swell could come your way by way of a person who wields more clout than you do. Same goes for being congenial enough to invite a response from an upstanding member of your community.

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For some Fish, activity; for others, turmoil. It all depends on how assertive Mars passing through your Gemini home base affects relationships with family members and home repair folks. Along with the desire, Mars also provides the physical energy to start a project you may have been considering since the last time Mars was in Gemini, about two years ago. Just remember that because antsy Mars will move on to Cancer in mid-April, there might not be enough follow-through incentive to finish the project. Co-incidentally, that’s also when Mercury finally leaves your sign.

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