‘Herbie Hancock: Possibilities’


Herbie Hancock is looking damn good for a man in his mid sixties, and he’s far from set in his ways—the veteran jazzman proved as much on his 2005 duets album Possibilities, on which he teamed up with Christina Aguilera, Annie Lennox, Trey Anastasio, Wayne Shorter, and Sting, among others. This movie tie-in is considerably less innovative than its subject; with its straightforward track-by-track recording-session clips, it feels like something you’d find on the bonus disc of a deluxe package. Only when Hancock plays with Brian Eno do we get a look back at some of his innovations, like the ’80s hit “Rockit,” which integrated synth sounds in ways most jazz players might find disturbing. This is primarily a film for fans of all involved.