‘Guys and Balls’


It sounds like gay porn, but it’s actually a delightful romantic comedy from Germany. Ecki (Maximilian Brückner), the goalie for his town’s soccer team, causes a stir when he’s caught in a kiss with another man. Thrown off the team, Ecki packs his bags—but not before promising to return with an all-gay team and to beat his former friends in a match. In Dortmund, where his sister Susanne is a neonatal nurse, Ecki sets about creating his new team, venturing into various gay (and not-so-gay) venues to assemble a rag-tag crew of players. Meanwhile, he meets Sven, a sexy co-worker of Susanne’s, who turns out to be gay and an aggressive midfielder. The boys get it on, and the movie fails us only in this: not enough sex. In every other way, Guys and Balls is both totally predictable and unerringly charming, with all of the quirky players, training montages, and father-son drama you’d expect.