A Brooklyn standby sets up shop on Clinton


Date One went well; sparks flew. Pressure was alleviated by attending a public cultural event, which provided an adequate distraction from making awkward conversation. The time has come for Date Two and you are looking for an intimate let’s-get-to-know-each-other-better venue. Frankies Spuntino, the beloved haunt of Carroll Gardens locals, has provided the perfect setting in their cozy new spot of the same name on Clinton Street. The tables are just big enough for a plate of antipasto with chef selections of meats, cheeses, and veggies ($13) and just small enough to lean in extra close. An extensive, almost exclusively Italian wine list will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the finer things; order the Bradisimo Inama Cabernet Sauvignon ($12/$44), which has an impressive and elegant flavor. Or show your down-to-earth side and try the house red Sansone Nero d’Avola, a tasty choice for only $6 a glass or $12 a carafe. But this is a night for romance, after all, so finish it off with a couple of glasses of bubbly Prosecco Veneto ($8) and share a rich dessert of prunes with and mascarpone cheese ($5). Date Three will not be far behind, and you know what that means.