‘Kiss Me Again’


With all the subtlety and seriousness of a 1950s scare film, Kiss Me Again warns that experimenting with ménage à trois will ruin your marriage. Jeremy London plays Julian, a New York City college professor so bored of domestic life with Chalice (Katheryn Winnick) that he convinces her to spice up their sex life by adding another participant. He conveniently forgets to mention that the woman he has in mind is actually a pupil of his he’s got the hots for (Mirelly Taylor). Not a very smart idea, but then, it’s not a very smart movie. Director William Tyler Smith showcases a nice variety of real New York locals, but this official selection from Tribeca ’06 is just your run-of-the-mill indie sex comedy until the third act, when it veers into charmingly shrill, Mommie Dearest–style melodrama, with Winnick and London caterwauling their way through dialogue like “You had your cake and got eaten too!” More trashy dialogue like that (and a more favorable nudity-to-sex-scene ratio) could have transformed Kiss Me Again into a guilty pleasure. In this form, the title suggests a threat rather than a come-on.