‘One Last Thing . . .’


Let’s say you’re a teenage boy dying of cancer. A well-known charity dedicated to helping people like you offers to make your fondest wish come true, so long as it’s realistic. Since tumors don’t stop gushing hormones, odds are a boy who’ll never get to be a man is thinking about one particular rite of passage more than any other. One Last Thing. . . imagines such a boy; Dylan (Sky High star Michael Angarano) is determined to spend a weekend alone with supermodel Nikki Sinclair (Sunny Mabrey, star of Species III). Most everyone around him assumes it’s an impossible dream—and it might have been, if Nikki weren’t such a self-destructive drunk that she badly needs a bit of good PR in order to stay gainfully employed. Director Alex Steyermark gets great performances, but he and writer Barry Stringfellow occasionally kill the mood with overdone spiritual bits. Still and all, Angarano and Mabrey bring something special to the proceedings, and they make it work.

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