Rack Focus


(Hart Sharp)
An indie-rock-soundtracked paean to the lonesome crowded West, Mark Milgard’s promising debut is a refreshingly region- specific entry in a teen-angst subgenre plagued by lazily sketched suburban settings. After two years in juvie, rural Idaho teenager Mason (Vincent Kartheiser) reconnects with troubled Danny (Taryn Manning), sparking a fragile romance that will unfold almost entirely outdoors. Atmosphere trumps plot, with trance-inducing shots of windblown wheat fields suggesting a mystical view of nature derived from Terrence Malick.

A post-apocalyptic black comedy that might discourage you from eating meat for a while, the first feature from Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro ( The City of Lost Children) finally arrives on DVD. Extras include a featurette and a commentary track.

Guys & Dolls: Deluxe Edition

Joseph Mankiewicz’s highly regarded 1955 musical stars Frank Sinatra, Jean Simmons, Vivian Blain, and of course Marlon Brando in his song-and-dance debut. This deluxe edition includes an all-new two-part documentary and a 72-page booklet packed with memorabilia.


Claire Danes stars as a depressive saleswoman in this Steve Martin–scripted adaptation of his own 2000 novella. Martin and Jason Schwartzman are the other two points in the romantic triangle. Supplements include commentary from director Anand Tucker and deleted scenes.