May Day Protest: Stuck in Your Cube?


Stuck in your cubicle? Can’t strike today. Just log on. Clever hackers with the Electronic Disturbance Theater and Hacklab are mounting a virutal sit-in in solidarity with the general strike and walkouts organized by immigrant rights groups across the U.S., as well as May Day protests calling for freer borders in Europe.

They’ve set up on an online tool to bog down the websites of CNN–home to immigrant-bashing Lou Dobbs—along with the Minutemen vigilantes and their spinoff, the Border Defense Project; Save Our State, a group of anti-immigrant crusaders in California; and House Republican Jim Sensenbrenner, who authored the hated HR 4437 bill, which would make felons of undocumented residents and anyone who aids them to stay in the U.S.

You can join the virtual sit-in to “swarm the Minutemen” by clicking here.