Rack Focus


Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist: Season One
Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder’s animated series is a quintessentially neurotic ’90s sitcom that, like Seinfeld (albeit on a far more modest scale), pushed the formal envelope with no loss in accessibility. Animated in the distinctive “Squigglevision” style (characters and moving objects appear as vibrating blobs of color against a static gray background), the show features Katz as a middle-aged therapist saddled with a deadbeat twentysomething son whose idea of getting a job is purchasing a pair of Vietnamese potbellied pigs and a surly receptionist who hands out patient files (“It’s not a bad one”) as waiting-room reading material. The patients themselves include Ray Romano, Joy Behar, and Larry Miller. The disc is loaded with commentaries and includes several animated shorts.

Opening with a brilliantly mediated evocation of the 1972 Olympic Village massacre and, um, climaxing with one of the most jaw-droppingly ridiculous sequences in cinema history, Steven Spielberg’s pretentious counterterrorist thriller is a paragon of moral and political incoherence. The two-disc limited edition is filled with typically (for Spielberg) generous supplements, including detailed discussions of editing, sound, music, costumes, and production design.

The Poseidon Adventure
Timed to capitalize on this week’s remake, this new two-disc release of the 1972 original is loaded with featurettes, vintage promotional materials, storyboards, and reminiscences from cast members.