You say you want a revoloution? Careful what you wish for. Director Bret Carr—in addition to co-writing, producing, and singing the theme— stars as stuttering pugilist turned powerful communicator Lou Benedetti in this self-proclaimed “epic indie,” which plays more like an extended afterschool special. The low-budget Revoloution (which has apparently been playing festivals under equally awful titles for several years now) brings us the transformation of a boxer whose career is cut short when he learns he has an inoperable aneurysm. Forced to cope with life outside of the ring, Lou must confront his demons, namely an abusive father (played in flashbacks by Carr with a mustache and sunglasses). And so, with the help of kindly street vendor Kumar, matronly Starla, and the flamer who runs the pet store, Lou manages to overcome his stutter—as well as his anger, his homophobia, his inability to relate to others, and well, pretty much everything else. Cue Rocky theme. Proving the old adage about the road to hell, Revoloution at least has its heart in the right place.